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ESC Summer Auction July 20, 2024
Details Coming Soon



In addition to our gigantic summer auction, smaller auctions are held at every single meeting of the Edmonton Stamp Club.


There are three auctions at each meeting:

1) A silent auction. Members can bid on philatelic material that other members have brought for sale. The silent auction ends at 7:00.

2) Consignment auction. Our club takes collections on consignments and offers them to members to bid on. This auction and the members’ auction below take place in the last hour or so of the meeting. The auctioneers are of high caliber and very knowledgable.

3) Members’ auction. At each meeting, members can bring up to four lots of philatelic material for sale at the auction.

The prices realized are quite reasonable, generally pleasing both the vendor and purchaser. Lots vary from large “boxes of stuff” to individual stamps or covers.

  Auctions at Club Meetings
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