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Edmonton Stamp Club
2023 Spring National Stamp Show
March 25-26

This Years Theme:
**Edmonton's Hockey History Then & Now**

This isn't just any ordinary Edmonton Stamp Show!!

This is a national level show featuring multiple frames of

Edmonton’s Hockey History “Then & Now” (1900’s-2000),

plus nationally judged competitive worldwide stamp exhibits.
Saturday March 25, 10:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday March 26, 10:00am to 4:00pm
Central Lions Recreation Center
11113-113 street

Edmonton, AB


Guest speakers from across Canada will be attending this year's show, to share their expertise on Postal History.

Speaker topics include:

  • A presentation by author David Piercey on his book “Let’s Talk Exhibiting” (recently published by the RPSC).

  • A talk that will capture all varieties of Canada Post’s Beaver stamp.

  • A speech on the Queen Victoria Penny Black.

  • A talk that discusses everything you wanted to know about territorial postmarks and post offices of Western Canada.

  • A hockey historical seminar on Edmonton’s domination as a hockey power starting in 1897, with the rise and fall of the Edmonton Gardens.

Let’s not forget about the 16 stamp dealers from across Canada bringing treasures of postcards, postal history and rare stamps!







An opportunity being offered by the ESC - Exhibit Your Edmonton Hockey History Collection, March 25th-26th at the Show. A great chance to display the memories you’ve captured over the years with other Edmonton hockey history enthusiasts. All items will be secured under lockdown, in heavy duty frames with overnight alarmed security in a City Owned and operated facility.

 Please consider being a Sponsor/Donor of the Edmonton Stamp Club. All funds will be directed to promote the benefits of Stamp collecting which includes hosting National Shows in Edmonton.


In Return:

The ESC will acknowledge your support on the ESC website and Facebook page, as well as in the Bulletin and the Spring Show program. You will also receive a collectable 2023 ESC Spring National show cover with Sponsors names or logos.

The ESC is a registered non-profit organization which proudly supports the Edmonton Food Bank with donations provided after each event.


For more information regarding exhibiting your own historical hockey collection or becoming a sponsor, please contact the ESC show chairperson John Bucci.

Sponsors/Donors please contact:
Show chairperson: John Bucci

Dealers register and remit payment online by February 15, 2023 to reserve your table(s) for the ESC Stamp Show HERE

Download a Dealer application form for the 2023 Spring Stamp Show HERE
Please remit form and cheque payment by February 15, 2023 to:

Edmonton Stamp Club

P.O. Box 399

Edmonton, AB, Canada

T5J 2J6


Exhibitors welcome please contact:
Main exhibit coordinator: Steve Friedenthal

Download an Exhibitor Entry form for the 2023 Spring Stamp Show in WORD or PDF 
Download the ESC 2023 Spring Stamp Show Prospectus HERE

The ESC 2023 Show Featured In The Canadian Stamp News December Issue
Official Prospectus
Edmonton Spring Show March 25, 26 2023
Central Lions Recreation Centre 11113-113st


Rules and Regulations for Entry of Exhibits for the Competition

1. Eligibility
This National level exhibition is open to all individual collectors. Exhibits at time of entry that have won the APS Champion of
Champions, an international Grand Prix, or three international large gold medals are ineligible. Further exhibits that have received the Grand Award at a Canadian national show or an APS WSP show inthe same judging year (July to June) cannot be entered competitively. The whole of the exhibit must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor. If purchased as a unit it must have been owned for at least two years, extensively revised, and have been prepared by the exhibitor.

Exhibitors’ names will be used in the program, in the palmares, in press releases after the show, and in connection with the awards. To remain anonymous, exhibitors must advise the Exhibit Chair and furnish a pseudonym. The submitting of an entry is deemed to be an implied declaration by the exhibitor to that effect.

2. Exhibit Classification Information
National Adult exhibits (Judged by RPSC National Standards)
The National Adult Classes are intended for exhibits that fulfill one of the following criteria:
(a) the exhibit has been awarded at least a silver medal at a previous
regional or local show, or
(b) the exhibit is deemed by the Exhibition Committee to be
sufficiently advanced to be entered in this class, or
(c) the exhibit, though new, is submitted by a collector with a proven
track record in previous National shows.

Youth Class (Judged by either FIP Youth Competition Regulations or
by RPSC National standards).
The Youth Class is intended for exhibitors who have not reached their
twenty-second (22nd) birthday on Jan. 1, 2023. The age and birth date of each exhibitor must be indicated on the
official entry form, as age groupings will be established for the Class to aid in judging. For an exhibit to be judged under National standards it should have been awarded at least a silver-bronze at a previous regional or local show.

Exhibits may be entered in any one of three classes: General, Singleframe and Youth. The Youth Class is composed of Postal and
General Class Exhibits include Advertising, Patriotic and Event Covers, Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Cinderella, Display,
Experimental, First Day Cover, Maximaphily, Picture Postcard, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Revenue. Thematic, Topical and

Youth Class (ages as of January 1, 2023)
(a) Collector aged up to 12
(b) Collector aged 13-15
(c) Collector aged 16-18
(d) Collector aged 19-21

Limits: An exhibitor may enter multiple General class and Single-frame
class. Should the exhibition be oversubscribed, the Exhibition
Committee will make the final selection of accepted exhibits from the
entry forms it has received, and will seek balance and fairness in the
selection process.

3. Entry
Each entry shall be entered in its correct Class on an Official Entry Form.


Electronic submission is mandatory unless prior approval has been sought from the Exhibits Chair. A Title Page, Synopsis, and an Introduction or Plan Page (if applicable) MUST be included with each completed Official Entry Form. These pages may be modified later (until March 11), if desired.


Exhibitors are urged to submit an electronic scan of the exhibit. These will only be distributed to the jury to aid in their assessment.

No exhibit will be accepted unless the prescribed fee has been paid in full at the time of submission of the Entry Form (see Section 5).Cheques payable to: Edmonton Stamp Club. P.O. Box 399 Edmonton, AB T5J 2J6.

Entry forms and attachments must be received no later than February 28, 2023.

Acknowledgement of receipt of the Official Entry Form does not constitute acceptance for exhibition, unless so stated.
The Exhibition Committee will notify exhibitors of acceptance.


The Exhibition Committee reserves the right to reject any exhibit, without assigning any reason for such rejection. When an exhibit is rejected by the Exhibition Committee, the (corresponding) entry fee shall be refunded. Failure to deliver an accepted exhibit forfeits the entry fee.

4. Exhibit Displays
Exhibits will be displayed in frames holding sixteen (16) pages, not to exceed 23 x 29 cm (9 x 11.5 inches), in four rows of four pages (4x4). Entries with larger and/or odd sized pages may be accommodated, but must be granted prior special approval from the Exhibition Committee.

All exhibits must be mounted on white or light coloured pages. Pages must be in transparent page protectors, ideally closed on three sides, and numbered on the back in sequential order, to aid in the correct mounting of the exhibit by the Exhibition Committee.

Exhibits failing to comply with the above may not be displayed or judged.

The name of the exhibitor must not appear on the faces of the pages, unless on addressed exhibited covers. Forgeries and reprints must be so identified in the text. Failure to do so may result in the exhibit being downgraded.

Each multi-frame exhibit accepted for the Exhibition shall be allotted not less than two (2) frames and not more than ten (10) frames. The Exhibition Committee reserves the right to place exhibits according to its own display plan.

Exhibits in the Youth Class will be displayed in the same type of frames as the National exhibits. Each Youth exhibit accepted will be
allotted at least one (1) and usually not more than five (5) frames. All other rules shall be identical to those in the National Exhibition.

5. Entry Fees (in Canadian $)
 National Adult Exhibits (two or more frames): $20 per frame.
 National Adult Single-frame Class: $30 per entry.
 Youth Class: $0 per frame.
 RPSC Medal (if desired) $25

6. Delivery and Contact Information
If you are shipping your exhibit, please mail to: Barend Wissink c/o Edmonton Stamp Club, P.O. Box 399, Edmonton, Ab. T5J. Exhibits
must be received by the Exhibit Committe by March 23, 2023 (unless the exhibitor plans on bringing the exhibits to the show). If hand delivering, please note this on the entry form.

Address all other correspondence to: Steven Friedenthal ( or Barend Wissink ( or
Hand delivered exhibits must be received at the Exhibit registration desk, between the hours of 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. on March 24, 2023 (or before 8:00 am on the first day of the show). Exhibitors may be able to make other arrangements for delivery with the Exhibition Committee, if previously approved.

7. Return
The exhibition will close at 3:00 p.m. on March 26, 2023. For security reasons, no exhibit or part thereof may be dismounted before the close of the Exhibition and until all visitors have cleared the exhibit area. (Travel plans should be made accordingly).
Exhibitors or their agents may be asked to present proper proof of identity to obtain their exhibits from the Exhibition Committee
following the close of the Exhibition. Exhibits not claimed in person will be returned at the expense of the owner as soon as possible after the close of the Exhibition in the manner directed by the owner. Prepayment must be enclosed. An additional charge of $10.00 Canadian must be included for wrapping and handling. Please allow sufficient time for processing before making enquiries.


8. Insurance and Security
Owners are advised that, in their own interest, they should make arrangements for the insurance of their exhibits. Exhibits entered in the Exhibition will be received, held, exhibited and returned at the risk of the owner. The Exhibition Committee will ensure that there is adequate security provided to protect the exhibits, but shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

9. Liability
Although all reasonable care and caution The Edmonton Stamp Club, The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, the Central Lions Recreation Centre, nor members of the Exhibition Committee, and/or its voluntary assistants or employees, for any loss or damage to an exhibit arising from any reason whatsoever.

10. Judging
The Jury, consisting of at least three (3) accredited RPSC judges or judges approved by reciprocal agreements with national societies, will be selected by the Exhibits Chair in consultation with the RPSC Judging Coordinator. The Jury will make decisions, deliberations and consultations among themselves, in keeping with the RPSC Regulations and the APS Manual of Philatelic Judging and Exhibiting (7th edition). Judging will be a point system on standard evaluation forms, and each exhibitor will be given a completed RPSC Exhibit Feedback Form at the close of the show. All Multi-frame, Singleframe and Youth exhibits will be judged according to National level standards, Decisions made by the Jury are final, and cannot be appealed.

11. Awards
RPSC National certificates will be awarded in eight (8) levels in the General and Single-frame Classes; Large Gold, Gold, Large Vermeil, Vermeil, Large Silver, Silver, Silver - Bronze, and Bronze. All awards will be granted in accordance with the judged merits of the exhibits. Exhibitors requiring an RPSC medal can request this on the entry form for a fee of $25. No award will be made if, in the opinion of the judges, the exhibit is of insufficient merit, but a Certificate of Participation will be given. A Grand Award and Reserve Grand Award will be awarded for General Class exhibits. A Single-frame Grand will be awarded in the Single-frame class, and a Youth Grand will be awarded in the Youth class. Available Society and other established awards, including APS, AAPE, ATA, BNAPS, PSSC and PHSC, will be awarded at the discretion of the Jury.

The Multi-frame Grand will be eligible for entrance in the summer APS annual Champion of Champions competition if there are at least 100 competitive exhibit frames. The Single-frame Grand will be eligible for entry to the AAPE Single-frame Champion of Champions competition (providing there are at least six (6) single-frame competitive exhibits); and the Youth Grand will be eligible for entry to the APS Youth Champion of Champions competition (providing there are at least three (3) competitive youth exhibits).

12. Ruling Authority
Any questions that may arise concerning the Exhibition, which are not provided for by the Prospectus Rules and Regulations (other than Jury decisions) shall be decided by the Exhibition Committee in its sole and absolute discretion.


Edmonton Stamp Club Shows And Events Are Held At The Central Lions Recreation Center In Edmonton, Alberta.


ESC 2022 Spring Show Highlights

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